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How Refrigeration Works

The job of a refrigeration plant is to cool articles or substances down to, and maintain them at, a temperature lower than the ambient temperature. Refrigeration can be defined as a process that removes heat.

Diagram of how refrigeration worksThe oldest and most well-known refrigerants are ice, water and air. In the beginning, the sole purpose of refrigeration was to conserve food. The Chinese were the first to find out that ice increased the life and improved the taste of drinks and for centuries, Eskimos have conserved food by freezing it.

The first mechanical refrigerators for the production of ice appeared around the year 1860. Electricity began to play a part at the beginning of the 20th century and mechanical refrigeration plants became common in some fields: e.g. breweries, slaughterhouses, fisheries and ice production.

After the Second World War, the development of small hermetic refrigeration compressors evolved and as the sizes of equipment reduced, refrigerators and freezers began to take their place in the home. Today, these appliances are regarded as necessities.

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